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Well, Christmas month again. I bloody hate Christmas. I’d rather be in the south of France or somewhere like that. BUT, you lot want to wander around around Whitby, freezing cold, soaked to the skin, hearing slightly dodgy stories being told by an old bloke who would rather be somewhare else! 

As we get into December the walks are fewer. If there is no walk on the date you are looking at, you can always book a private walk. Thay are not that expensive! Don’t forget, if you bring a dog on the walk, make sure the dog is quiet, and not distracting, and also, make sure it is well wrapped up. If I see a dog that is cold or uncomfortable, you WILL be asked to leave the walk! Kids… i couldn’t care less. Adults…i’m not bothered, but dogs….BUY THEM A BIG WARM COAT FOR CHRISTMAS!







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