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Ah, “Flaming June” It will, hopefully, get hot and busy in Whitby this month, but dont worry, I take everyone that turns up. No booking!   The “In Search Of Dracula” walks start this month. A bit about Bram Stoker, a bit about some of the ghost stories he heard when he came to Whitby, a bit about Victorian Whitby and, of course, lots about the Count!  If there is no walk on the date you are looking at, you can always book a private walk. Thay are not that expensive! Don’t forget, if you bring a dog on the walk, make sure the dog is quiet, and not distracting, and also, make sure it is well wrapped up. If I see a dog that is cold or uncomfortable, you WILL be asked to leave the walk! Kids… i couldn’t care less. Adults…i’m not bothered, but dogs….KEEP THEM WARM!







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