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March dates are now on the website. Another update from “Trip advisor”, my walk is the only one in Whitby that is 5 star rated! Thank you all for that!

There are now 2 ghost walks on the west side of whitby. Make sure you get the DOCTOR CRANK’S ghost walk. Just check out the other walks Tripadvisor reviews, then check out mine!  All of my walks are, at the moment, cash only. I will be getting a mobile card machine this year.

It’s March now and obviously I still dont do as many walks. Dont forget, If you bring your dog on the walk make sure it has it’s coat on. If I see a dog shivering and suffering in the cold, you will be given your money back and you will leave the walk! Dog’s dont want to be stood around in the freezing temperatures for over an hour!

From April, Whitby starts to get busier so I put more walks on.







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